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Welcome to the website of Homan Potterton, Irish author, genealogist, and art historian. On this site you will find details of books by Homan and an abridged version of his family tree of the Pottertons in Ireland. Find out more.

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Posted by Homan on 25 November 2013

The Second Son

And who exactly was this young adventurer, Alexander de Courcy Potterton? The second son (and one of twelve children) of Thomas and Eleanor Potterton, he was born on 25 November... Read more

Posted by Homan on 29 June 2013

A Pioneer in South Australia

Alexander de Courcy Potterton (1818-1907) was a free-spirited and adventurous young man. The son of Thomas & Eleanor Potterton of Balatalion, Kildalkey, County Meath, Ireland, he went to Adelaide, South... Read more